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Wondering what to do with all the scrap metal lying in your backyard? This is your chance to earn some quick cash. Get in touch with us and we'll haul away all your scrap metal junk leaving you a little richer than before.


We'll not only pick the metal waste from your location, but will also pay a good price for it.

Fully-equipped recycling center to get rid of your metal waste

Fisher Metals and Recycling is a family owned and operated business and has been in the recycling business for a real long time now. No matter the kind and size of metal you have, our recycling center is fully-equipped to handle your metal junk.


We're a full-service metal recycling company.

Equipped with a whole line of scrap recycling equipment

Turn your old scrap metal into cash by giving us a call today. For your convenience, we’ll also haul it away ourselves from your location.

Get FREE estimates on our scrap metal recycling services. Call us at: